14th Concert in Commemoration of MCU Founder Pao

In Notices by danieli

It’s been 14 years since Founder Pao Teh-Ming has left us. Although her figure has faded, her mind and spirit of managing Ming Chuan are still clearly remembered in the hearts of every Ming Chuan people. Throughout her life, she insisted on conducting education with the philosophy of “attending to all students with parental care, support, and guidance”. She emphasized teaching both theory and practice, as well as professionalism and morals. The educational spirit she valued most comprised cooperation and teamwork, as well as love for family and the country. She led by example and cultivated the vivid Ming Chuan spirit. She adhered to the work philosophy of “persevere to the end with a pleasant smile”, went through hardships and continued to improve the quality of Ming Chuan education. We are grateful and fortunate to have the Ming Chuan spirit and educational features that Founder Pao left us, which has not only helped us to face the current challenges of higher education but also laid a solid foundation for Ming Chuan to become a world-renowned university.

Chancellor Chuan Lee, former President Pei-Di Shen and current President Hsuan-Shih Lee continue to lead Ming Chuan and are committed to achieving the institution’s educational philosophies and direction modeled by Founder Pao. We must be grateful and continue to grow steadily to move toward excellence, that the reputation of Ming Chuan will shine brighter than ever.

On this annual day of appreciation, we salute Founder Pao’s devotion to education with music and recognize the achievements of three distinguished Ming Chuan alumni. The MCU Family is proud of their outstanding performances. This year, we have specially invited the String Orchestra of Department of Music at Soochow University to perform, as well as MCU Taipei Alumni Association’s ChianSui Chorus performance to celebrate with beautiful classic music and heavenly singing. Together, let’s commemorate Founder Pao’s tireless work in education.

You are sincerely invited to join us for the special annual celebration of thanks. Let’s gather again to pass on Ming Chuan Family love, reflect on all that Founder Pao means to MCU and witness MCU’s innovations and progress.

Time: 10:00 -12:30 pm, Monday, January 9, 2023

Venue: Sun Yat-Sen Auditorium, Ming Chuan University Taipei Campus

Best regards,
General Secretary’s Division

Alumni Relations Center :Lin,Yun-Ying (ext.2473)