About Us


Brief History

The duties and responsibilities of General Secretary’s Division were originally handled by the secretaries of the President’s Office when the university was first founded. With the booming of university affairs and the increase of administrative duties, the General Secretary’s Office was established in 1966 and reformed as General Secretary’s Division in 1990 in accordance with University Organizational Code stipulated by MOE. Chang, Wan-Han; Wang, Te-Hsin ; Chen, Te-Chao; Chang, Shih-Lu; Niu, Tse-Cheng; Wang, Lo-Wang; Chin, Sen; Hung, Meng-Chi and Chen, Jen-Nan have served as the Secretary General in the past, while Dr. Fan, Chung-Yuan is currently serving as the Secretary General.

Mission Goals Objectives

From the establishment of General Secretary’s Division, a solid basis for the university’s systems and regulations have been laid on foundation of the devotion and hard work of early administrators and staff. These fine work traditions have been passed down and gradually refined with the promotion of university affairs.


General Secretary’s Division is a first-level administrative unit that reports directly to the President and consists of a team of staff who are dedicated to service. Led by the Secretary General, this Division follows the president’s instructions and assists all administrative and academic units to smoothly implement their duties and responsibilities. We are responsible for duties related to documents, alumni connections, news and public relations, aiming to promote the coordination and consolidation of university affairs and create an integrated and supportive working environment. Thus, the staff of General Secretary’s Division must have a strong sense of responsibility, willingness to serve, sense of honor and self-expectation that subordinate one's own interests to the public good. We remind ourselves of this and hope everyone at MCU supports us with encouragement.