MCU Joins “TALENT, in Taiwan, Talent Sustainable Action Alliance” to cultivate talents jointly with enterprises!

In Notices by danieli

Talent cultivation and development has always been an important educational goal for Ming Chuan University. In order to enhance talent competitiveness, Ming Chuan University not only implements University Social Responsibility (USR) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but also responds to the growing importance of corporate social responsibility for human resources in line with the ESG trend. Therefore, Ming Chuan University has joined the 2023 “Talent Sustainable Action Alliance” in Taiwan to promote the “Hope Project” for talent cultivation in cooperation with over 200 alliance partners.

The post-pandemic era has led to significant changes in the working environment; many new jobs have appeared and a new generation of bold, self-confident, and flexible workers have emerged. However, such changes undoubtedly present a rigorous challenge for companies, particularly when it comes to talent issues. In order to solve the problem of talent shortages, the first step is to focus on talent cultivation, assist companies in finding suitable talents and allow students to gain cross-border work skills. Ming Chuan University is committed to promoting the 10 Education Pillars of basic competencies for talent sustainability, introducing AI applications and promoting sustainability education across the university.

Ming Chuan University will continue to support this effort by taking actions promoted by CommonWealth Learning, Cheers, and over 200 alliance partners, through the “Hope Project” for talent cultivation. Each student will have the opportunity to experience the development of their abilities and skills, creating better career development and a brighter future.