Q1:What role does the Public Relations Section play?
A1:The Public Relations Section distributes news announcements and holds press conferences regarding institutional affairs development, campus culture and features, and educational achievements so that parents and others better understand the institution’s educational philosophy and prospects.

The Public Relations Section is not only the window of the university to communicate with media, but also a hub to deliver the on- and off-campus news. It is in charge of  media affairs, updating reporters’ database, holding press conferences, promoting media relations, maintaining news on MCU website, writing and announcing news related to the university’s anniversary, big events, seminars and lectures. 
Q2:How to handle the announcement of department-related news to off-campus media?
A2:For any news related to interesting events, special students, meaningful activities, please e-mail to danieli@mail.mcu.edu.tw a week before the activity will take place for announcement or press conference. Please attach the content of the activity, contact person, unit and telephone number for further details and process. 
Q3:News related to a department
A3:If you have any news related to your department and would like to announce it, please e-mail the relevant information to danieli@mail.mcu.edu.tw of the Public Relations Section. The Public Relations Section will collect and compile the relevant information in accordance with the date and information submitted. The collected information will be produced as a CD-ROM or an e-mail to be sent to the relevant media units. It will be also announced in the News Section of MCU homepage.