Q1:How often is MC Magazine published? Where can we get MC Magazine?
A1:MC Magazine is published seasonally, with four issues per Academic Year, in March, June, September and December. MC Magazine is freely distributed to all faculty members and students in the news racks of MC Weekly on both Taipei and Taoyuan campuses.
Q2:How is MC Magazine designed?
A2:MC Magazine’s mission is to be a platform for faculty members and students to publish their works and be the communication bridge between alumni and the institution. MC Magazine includes the special columns of “Carry on the past and open a way for the future”, “Master’s Lecture”, “Alumni Portrait” and “University President”. The special column of the cover story will be designed in accordance with the important campus events for each issue. 
Q3:Is MC Magazine open for all students to participate in editing and reporting?
A3:Yes, MC Magazine welcomes students who are interested in reporting. Please contact MC Weekly Office on both Taipei and Taoyuan campus.