Q1. What is the mission of publishing MC Weekly?
A1: Firstly, to report the important on-campus news; Secondly, to be the communication bridge for students, the institution, and faculty and staff members; Thirdly, establish MCU campus culture. 
Q2. When is MC Weekly published?
A2: MC Weekly is published weekly during the semester (except for midterm and final exam weeks), and e-news will be announced during the winter and summer breaks. Any news can be announced by e-bulletin. 
Q3:How can I obtain MC Weekly?
A3:The newest MC Weekly is available on the news racks on both Taipei, Taoyuan and Jihe every Monday. At Kinmen and Matzu every Wednesday, and online for Michigan location. All faculty and staff members and students are welcome to take a copy of MC Weekly or read it online.
Q4:How can I submit an item to MC Weekly?
A4:MC Weekly solicits articles about special subjects far in advance; please e-mail your article related to the subject to week@mail.mcu.edu.tw. For any other interesting subjects, you are welcome to provide your suggestion by sending an e-mail or making a phone call. Your articles are welcome; following editing, they will be arranged for publication. 
Q5:How to announce news in MC Weekly? When is the deadline for each edition?
A5:There are two ways to announce news, one is to inform MC Weekly about the activity information and contact person; one is to contact MC Weekly reporters and they will write the news for publication. However, the news priority will be arranged in accordance with the activity date. Please provide the news or contact with MC Weekly before Wednesday for any activity coming up the following week.  
Q6‭:When is the deadline of MC Weekly for each edition?
A6:‬The deadline of MC Weekly for each edition is 9:00 am every Thursday. Please advise in advance of any activities to be held on Friday so that space can be reserved. Any news of what will happen in the coming week must be submitted a week in advance. 
Q7:How to be a reporter for MC Weekly?
A7:There is no limit of year-level or department. All we require is your passion, responsibility and patience. Those who are eager to learn reporting, writing and feature design are welcome.  

We also need reporters who are good at photography, drawing and distribution. Students can be MC Weekly reporters in accordance with their specialties. 

Q8:What is the benefit to be a MC Weekly reporter?
A8:The benefits are as following:
1.Cultivating your abilities in reporting, writing and taking photos not only develops your potential beyond your profession, but also enhances your personal competitiveness.
2.Being an on-campus reporter can assist your relationship with peers.
3.Writing news and publishing articles can promote you for further study and employment in the future.
4.MC Weekly is a recognized Service-Learning Administrative Unit; the service hours can be included in service-learning hours.
5.Students can be paid for writing news or articles for MC Weekly.
6.Final Reporter Workshop is held every semester, where professional media reporters share their experience and student reporters participate in visiting tour of media outlets. 
Q9:What is the website of MC Weekly?
A9:MC Weekly has a public website, http://www.week.mcu.edu.tw/, which is free and all of you are welcome to visit it.