Q1:How to operate the E-documentation System?

A1:For relevant operation information, please refer to the E-documentation System Handbook online under the E-documentation System, after login to MCU Homepage. 


Q2:Does each unit need to ensure that the official documents are sent? 
A2:There are two kinds of official documents in our section: paper and electronic, both of which have their own procedures.

(1) The Documents Section will record the paper official documents approved by the president and inform the responsible unit by telephone to pick up the signed official documents. The responsible staff must check the content and attached file(s) of the original official document, retrieve the document number for this official document at Campus Mailroom, have it sealed at the Documents Section, put it in the official document envelope and seal that. Please write the post code, address, delivery speed and unit on the outside of the envelope, and take it to the Campus Mailroom for delivery.

(2) Before executing an “e-document exchange” process, please confirm with the receiving unit if they have this capability. Once the official document is approved and returned to the responsible staff, the staff must check the content of the official document and complete the final edition before clicking “Issue the document” to send the document to the Documents Section for processing e-document exchange. In the case of unsuccessful exchange, the Documents Section will issue a paper official document with the seal of “E-document exchange failed” and inform the responsible staff to deliver the official document by mail.

(3) Please click “Filing” to file the approved official documents which cannot use “E-document exchange” and print them out in default format for mailing to the receiving unit.

(4) The responsible staff must keep an eye on the status of official documents. All completed official documents will be kept in the folder “Delivered Official Documents” under “My Official Documents”. However, those files in the folder “Delivered Official Documents” will be transferred to the folder “Delivered Official Documents” under “Historical Record” and are available for inquiry. 
Q3:What is the limit on the size of an attached file when conducting ”E-document exchange” ?
A3:In accordance with the ”Operational Guideline for Government Record Management Computerization” from the Executive Yuan, the limit for an attached file to an official document was established for conducting external exchange to a unit group (deliver to many units, such as each national and private college and university). As all official documents must be transferred by the Ministry of Education, huge attached files noticeably slow the system, and even cause failure of delivery. This is true as well for internal official document delivery. Thus, it is necessary to control the size of attached files for better and smoother E-document exchange. In principle, the limit on attached file size is 1MB. For any bigger attached file, follow the suggestions below:

(1) Save the attached file with lower resolution to reduce the size.
(2) Save the attached file as separate files according to type, and identify them in an index.
(3) If  there are too many attached files to be successfully attached with the official document, please indicate the location of the attached files or save them in a public area for download.
(4)If the attached files cannot be dealt with via above methods, it is recommended that the official document be printed out double-sided for delivery or postal mail.