Journalism Section Info

MC Weekly provides opportunities for students to cooperate in affairs related to the planning, editing and publishing of MC Weekly, which including news collecting, interviews, writing, photos, illustration, webpage design, e-news, proofreading and publication.
Editing and Interviewing
Students’ work is divided by campus for news collection, writing and photos.
The target readership of this publication is all students, including those in masters’, doctoral, undergraduate and executive masters’ programs, and all faculty and staff members. So that everyone receives the information in a timely manner, MC Weekly is distributed through an APP, a Facebook page and as a printed newspaper via stands that have been set up around the flow of people on campuses. The Facebook  [ ] and e-versions [ ] were established in 2012, while the APP was launched in 2016.
The electronic versions are updated regularly as news breaks. The weekly printed version is available to those on Taipei and Taoyuan campuses, and at Jihe Complex every Monday of the two regular semesters. Those who study at Kinmen receive MC Weekly on Wednesday due to time needed for postal delivery, while students at Michigan location and Matzu access MC Weekly digitally.
To enhance connections with other internship news outlets and learn from each other, a link to the newest version of e-MC Weekly is emailed to each university in Taiwan on Mondays. In addition, MC Weekly is emailed to the Department of Higher Education and press room of the Ministry of Education so that the officials in the Department of Higher Education and education reporters know the hot news from Ming Chuan University.