Documents Section Info



Documents Section is in charge of handling the affairs related to the important university-wide meetings and official documents. This section convenes official University Affairs Committee meetings twice each semester, and provisional University Affairs meetings as required, to pass resolutions on important university-wide affairs. It also bears responsibility for affairs related to the elections of University Affairs Committee representatives and preparation of the annual report. The Documents Section convenes four Administrative Council meetings and one Expanded Administrative Council meeting each month to discuss the promotion of university administration affairs.

Documents Section handles the affairs related to reviewing, proofreading, transferring and sealing of all official documents. The daily work includes reviewing and sealing of university receipts, invoices, checks, rosters, subsidies, business trip applications and business trip expense reimbursement reports.
Recently, with more Schools and students at the institutions, university affairs are increasing. The Documents Section is in charge to plan, promote and review the delegation of responsibility across the university to simplify administration procedures and promote administration efficiency.
Facing the e-Era, the Documents Section has implemented computerization on campus, promoting the efficiency and competitiveness of handing official documents, through collaboration with the Information and Network Division to promote and complete the Official Document Control System, wherein all official documents and e-forms can be completed and approved on line.
Documents Section also handles the affairs related to the Board of Directors, president’s nomination and reappointment, convening of meetings, managing president’s mailbox, replying to the questions or transferring the questions to the relevant units.