Audit Office Info


In academic year 2012-13, the Audit Office was established under the General Secretary’s Division. The mission of the Office is to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative functions, as well as to ensure the safeguarding of assets and reliability of financial information. The team comprises a Director and one senior clerk, who are responsible for all levels of university internal control and regular internal control reports on related meetings, such as Administrative Council Meeting and University Affairs Committee Meeting. The Office supports its mission by reviewing follow-up operations after final resolutions and recommending improvements.




Ming Chuan University Audit Committee Organizational Charter

Passed at the Administrative Council Meeting on September 17, 2012
Passed through written review by the Regulation Committee on September 12, 2012
Passed at the Regulation Committee on October 31, 2013
Passed at the Administrative Council Meeting on November 11, 2013
Article 1 Ming Chuan University Audit Committee (herewithin called the committee) was established in accordance with the Ministry of Education (MOE) Implementation Regulations Governing Internal Control System of School Foundations and Affiliated Private Schools, and Ming Chuan University Procedures for Internal Auditing. 
Article 2 The terms of authority of committee members are based on Article 5 of Ming Chuan University Procedures for Internal Auditing.
Article 3 Seven to eleven members comprise the committee. Members are full-time faculty members with professional auditing background appointed by the president. The committee shall have one convener, to be selected among the committee members.
Article 4 Committee members serve two-year terms that are renewable. This is a non-paid appointment, but committee members may receive attendance fee or transportation expense reimbursement when carrying out their official business.
Article 5 One secretary is assigned to the committee, a staff member of the Audit Office of General Secretary’s Division, who is responsible for daily matters and takes minutes during meetings.
Article 6 The committee should conduct at least two meetings per semester. If any significant matters arise, provisional meetings should be called by the convener.
Article 7 More than half of the committee members must be present to have a quorum for a meeting, and any resolutions made by the committee must be with the agreement of a majority of those committee members present at a given meeting.
Article 8 The committee may request relevant staff members to attend the meeting and they cannot refuse or avoid attendance.
Article 9 Upon being passed at the Administrative Council Meeting and approved by the president, this organizational charter was implemented. Any revision must follow the same procedure.