Alumni Relations Section

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Chang, Jung-Nung (Rolando)
02-28824564 EXT 2270
1.Plans the affairs related to the section and coordinates the relevant affairs in accordance with the university policy.
2.Plans and supervises the implementation of each program in this section.
3.Controls the budget and expenditure of each program in this section.
4.Participates and  assists in the meetings and activities held by the alumni associations.
5.Assists and promotes the affairs of alumni association establishment.
6.Plans the alumni celebration activities in accordance with the university anniversary.
7.Accommodates the alumni, provides inquiry service and arranges tour.
8.Supervises alumni database, plans and updates alumni service website
9.Supervises and assists in the affairs of editing MC Alumni Quarterly Magazine.
10.Collects the information of outstanding alumni and arranges interview.
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Lin, Yun-Ing
02-28824564 EXT 2473
1.Manages MC Alumni Database.
2.Handles the affairs related to MC Alumni Quarterly Magazine and Alumni News.
3.Promotes and supports in each level alumni association affairs.
4.Hosts alumni association activities.
5.Handles the affairs related to certifications for alumni.
6.Assists in looking for alumni and accommodates alumni.
7.Manages Alumni Website.
8.Supports on-campus big events or programs.
9.Plans and implements annual budget for Alumni Relations Section.